Prolonging Safety, Independence, & Active Lifestyles

December 6, 2023

If there’s one thing many of us treasure, it’s the sense of independence and safety, especially in our homes. We also want to know that our loved ones are safe when we can’t be there with them. The good news is that even those with medical needs can feel a greater sense of security and peace of mind with the Per Mar medical alert system

“If you would like to prolong the independence of your loved one who isn’t ready for the nursing home yet, we can help,” said Vicki McGinty, Inside Sales Representative, Per Mar Twin Cities. “The medical alert device is for those who may not otherwise be able to live on their own. Now, they can keep their independence while you have peace of mind knowing they are safe in their own home.”

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Assurance of Personalized Installation

When you decide on the Per Mar medical alert device, you’re not just buying a product off the shelf, you’re investing in a service. We stand by the Per Mar way whether we’re installing home security systems or medical alert devices. 

An expert technician from Per Mar will personally visit your home to install the device (we will also pick it up from you when you are done using it). You’ll get a hands-on tutorial to ensure you’re confident in all of its features and benefits. Last but not least, our phone consultants assist you with filling out and completing all the paperwork. All you have to do is review and sign. Let us take the work off your plate.

“Customers love the transparency and how easy it is to set up the service. Once they feel confident that we are the right choice, all they have to do is sign. Our Midwest technicians walk them through the entire process and take care of the paperwork,” said Holly Nehas, Inside Sales Supervisor, Per Mar Davenport. “Our pricing is transparent so there are never hidden fees later on.” 

Battery Maintenance Made Easy

Gone are the days when you would fret over changing the battery of a crucial device. Because your device is monitored, we will be automatically notified of low battery alerts. We’ll arrange a convenient time to replace the battery, and it’s on the house!

Around-the-Clock Emergency Support

Emergencies don’t operate on a schedule. That’s why our monitored medical alert system ensures that you’re never alone. With a simple push of a button, you’re connected to a trained emergency operator. 

“When my 90-year-old grandmother fell four years ago, we were so glad we had the Per Mar medical alert system. She has been able to safely live alone in the home she built with my grandfather more than 70 years ago,” said Nehas. “She has the freedom to continue gardening and using her backyard swing. We love that she can enjoy her home while giving us the peace of mind that she is always safe! It’s been so easy to use and, the few times we’ve needed it, the care the dispatchers took to ensure she was okay was second to none!”


You choose how much medical history to share with us and we’ll familiarize our team with it,  allowing all of our reps to be well-equipped in assisting. Whether it’s dispatching emergency services or notifying your emergency contacts, we’ve got you.

Per Mar In-Home Medical Alert System

Designed for those cherishing their independence, the in-home medical alert system guarantees peace of mind for users and their families. Here are its stellar features:

  • Choice of Device: Opt between a pendant or a bracelet, per your comfort.
  • Connectivity: Comes with a cellular communicator (a traditional phone line can be used if needed).
  • Feature-Packed: The device boasts a range of features such as:
    • Water-resistant
    • Two-way voice communication
    • Continuous medical monitoring
    • Optional: An automatic fall detection alert system (pendent option only)
    • Includes limited warranty
    • Sometimes covered by state assistance funds/grants (check with your primary physician or social worker)

Per Mar Mobile Medical Alert System

For the go-getters and those leading an active lifestyle, the mobile medical alert system is your safety companion on the go. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  • GPS Capabilities: Ensure you’re located quickly during emergencies.
  • Consistent Features: Two-way voice, rechargeable battery, fall detection, and 24/7 medical monitoring.
  • Immediate Help: No matter where your adventures take you (please ensure there is a cellular signal), professional support is just a touch away.

Discounts for Burglar & Fire Alarm Customers

When adding a medical alert system to your new or existing home security system, we’ll give you a multi-device discount to show our appreciation. 

In a world where safety is paramount and mobile phones aren’t always convenient or accessible, Per Mar’s medical alert systems are not just devices but companions. Whether you’re homebound or exploring the world, we’ve got your back. Contact us for more information by phone (844) 806-4187 or through our contact us form