Tips to Improve Security for Your Retail Space

December 14, 2018

Woman standing outside her businessRetail is tricky. Your space has to look good, have a certain flow, and appeal to the masses but also be a safe space for shoppers, vendors, and your retail employees, in addition to being profitable, of course (if you haven’t already, check out our Securing Your Business Plan & Your Business blog to be sure you have all pertinent bases covered as it pertains to business planning). Enter your favorite family-owned business security company in the Midwest to hone in on security tips for your retail space!


Implement Big Store Protocols

Small business owners have to think big and big box stores tend to have safety protocols for just about everything! Below are some suggestions worth exploring.

  • Monitor the sales floor. Big and small retailers alike tend to encourage eye contact and engagement with their customers. Why? It doubles as both great customer service and a form of security. Being alert and keeping an eye on customers and merchandise can help reduce the incidence of theft.
  • Monitor the cash register. Establish specific protocols for how often and when it’s okay to leave the cash register (which should be infrequent), how and when to count the cash each day, and what to do if a robbery does occur.
  • Provide employee training on how to handle suspicious behavior. Probing questions, suspecting shoppers, shoplifting and aggressive customers are all things that warrant quality employee training. A self-defense class could double as an added layer of protection and team-building activity. Check out Part 1 of our 3 Part College Campus Safety Series blog for tips that can apply to parking lot safety.
  • Closely manage back rooms and other areas of the building. Customers may not be allowed in your back storage rooms but vendors typically are. Even still, shoplifters tend to disobey the rules so it’s important to create protocols for areas that aren’t customer-facing as well as those that are. Additionally, conducting inventory regularly will allow you to be in the know in a timely manner.


Adopt a Buddy System

Alone time can be great but not in your small retail space. With so many opportunities to be caught alone (e.g. one employee in the storage room while one is on the sales floor), implementing a buddy system to 1) minimize time alone and 2) keep an eye on each other is a wise move. If it’s not possible to have two or more employees on duty at all times, there are a few things you can do.

  • Rearrange your store to provide clear lines of sight from all angles
  • Keep a landline phone easily accessible for emergency calls
  • Research safety apps to encourage use on smartphones
  • Install panic buttons
  • Install a monitored business security system with HD cameras


Take Proper & Professional Security Measures

When lives are at stake, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. A commercial security system is there 24/7 as our the trained professionals in our Monitoring Center. It’s tough to know how you or anyone else will handle the worst-case scenario (if even given the chance to react), so knowing that help is on the way when something goes awry is priceless. If security guards are too much for your small business, opting for video surveillance or seasonal security guards can be more budget-friendly and very effective. Some instances call for access control as part of a thorough security system and this can be set up for a little as one key fob. Lastly, remember security starts with your hiring process; don’t forget drug screening and background checks for all potential new hires.

Your security protocols arm your staff with the proper tools to handle difficult and dangerous situations. Document your security protocols and store them where they can be easily accessed and frequently referenced, then ensure they are followed. It may sound cliche, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’ve had countless customers ask us the best way to go about security for their business and we can help you, too. We’re always here to help and we provide free on-site security consultations servicing these areas throughout the Midwest.