Top Baby Safety Month Tips

September 21, 2018

Baby reaching for ball through baby gateSeptember is Baby Safety Month and the good news is that most infant injuries can be prevented. Choosing the right products to have in your home or daycare can make a big difference and so can taking proper babyproofing steps. There are many infant safety education resources and we have broken down the top tips for you in this week’s blog!



  • Don’t wait to formulate your babyproofing plans; do it now so you can register for gifts that will lend well to your baby safety intentions.
  • Normally, we ask you to think like a thief for burglary prevention tips; this time, we’re asking you to get down on your hands and knees so you can think like a baby.
  • Anticipate needs and implement prior to needing them. Why? A milestone such as crawling is an exciting time for your baby, for example, and installing a baby gate simultaneously with that milestone may be seen as a setback or barrier. Instead, install baby gates in advance of crawling, giving everyone a chance to get used to them.
  • Know baby safety standards for all products being brought into the home and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and/or use.
  • Second-hand products are not recommended at this age as missing parts and functionality can pose a problem, along with the potential for lead and other heavy metals to be present.
  • Register your baby products and, whether new or used, keep an eye on product recalls.

Babyproofing isn’t just about keeping your new baby safe but also about making him or her a part of your home, free to explore safely. Consider prevention of the top hidden hazards below.


Hidden Hazards

  • Toys and trinkets from older siblings that you didn’t have to think about the first time around (think board game pieces and any tiny toys that can fit in baby’s mouth).
  • Magnets on the fridge are often within reach of crawling babies.
  • Loose change or other items from pockets and purses.
  • Tall furniture, flat-screen televisions and trash cans at risk for tipping over.
  • Dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and oven doors left open.
  • Cooktops and hot beverages – turn pot handles and coffee mugs in so they are not visible to the minis down below.
  • Detergent pods and other hazardous household cleaners.
  • Cords – blinds, electrical, home gym equipment, etc.
  • Tiny round batteries (button batteries).
  • Detached furniture protectors.
  • Pens, pencils and markers.


As for which baby products to purchase, Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) has a searchable list of products certified by their in-house team (this is an additional safety net above and beyond standard certifications); search by category or by manufacturer. For more information on Baby Safety Month, parents, caregivers, physicians, retailers and manufacturers can click through to the JPMA website for more information!