Transitioning Away from Landlines in 2022 

May 9, 2022

If you use a landline phone with your security system, this blog is an important read. 

As all major phone networks move from landlines (a.k.a. POTS, plain old telephone service) to VoIP (voice over internet protocol), consumers relying on phone lines to support their burglar and fire alarms need to be aware of a potentially life-threatening loophole. 

VoIP is not a stable or reliable form of security system communication due to poor transmission. High-quality communication between your alarm and the monitoring center is necessary for a proper response during an emergency. 

Sounds aren’t transmitted the same with VoIP as they are with traditional landline phones, which traveled via copper wires. Instead, VoIP communications are converted into digital data which isn’t recognizable to or compatible with the monitoring center. Not only that, the VoIP backup power options during power outages are either costly or non-existent.

What Does This Mean for New Customers?

For those reasons, Per Mar will no longer be installing new security systems (residential or commercial) that utilize POTS or VoIP. This switch to VoIP is completely out of our control and we cannot, in good faith, recommend it for your home or business alarm systems. In fact, any purchase orders sent for the old equipment are already being rejected. Instead, we will educate you on and set you up with the latest technology, which will be safer for you.

What Does This Mean for Existing Customers?

For your safety, we are strongly encouraging all existing customers to switch over sooner than later. By waiting, you risk minimized protection due to the inaccuracy of the VoIP phone system. The same sentiment applies here as it does for new customers; we cannot, in good faith, recommend staying with your landline-to-VoIP service. As always, we will make your transition as easy as possible. Luckily, there are many pros that make it inherently easy!

Cellular Alarm System Benefits 


The majority of our customers see a cost savings in 6-12 months after canceling their landline telephone. 

Additionally, if your panel is outdated and unable to support cellular, we’ll provide you with a discounted panel upgrade.


Should the technology change, we’ll replace your equipment at no charge, indefinitely.*

Free battery backup

All new cellular installations come with one free battery backup.** 

No wire cutting

Intruders can no longer disable your security system by cutting the wire as there is no wire to cut. A cellular security system has no equivalent fail point.

Extreme reliability 

We run on AT&T and Verizon towers so, even in a power outage, your security system is still operational with full signal (with a battery backup). Unless there is a tower outage, which would be extremely rare, your home or business is protected 24/7/365. 

Power outages, on the other hand, aren’t totally uncommon as the weather has been increasingly unpredictable in recent years. All who lived in central and eastern Iowa and northwest Illinois remember the derecho storm in August of 2020. And it certainly doesn’t take a storm of that magnitude to result in power loss. 


Cellular is faster than landlines so your alarm signal reaches the monitoring center quicker. 


Alarm installation is much simpler and less intrusive as nearly everything is wireless. 

Home Automation

Landlines are not compatible with your home automation, such as automated lights, garage door controls, and thermostat controls. Cellular is the way to get this job done and it’s an added perk if your home security and smart home automation are connected.

We look forward to talking to you more to answer any additional questions. Our inside sales team is standing by or you can schedule a home or business visit with our outside sales team.

*Requires our monitoring on cellular with a basic future-proofing plan or higher.

**Batteries last on average 24 hours. For an extended solution, purchase one additional battery and rotate the two.