Trick-or-Treating Guide & Safety Tips

October 27, 2022

In the spirit of Halloween, we want to keep trick-or-treating spooky but not scary. We’ve compiled the experts’ top safety tips so that you have nothing to fear, except goblins and ghosts! 

Costume Selection

Be mindful of costumes that are hard to spot in the dark or blend in too much. Place an identifying object, like a glow-in-the-dark bracelet or headlamp on/over your children’s costumes to help you spot them in a crowd, and go for face paint over masks. Buy or make costumes using flame-retardant fabrics. 

Stranger Danger

While it’s tempting to hit the hot spots with the full-sized candy bars, stick to neighborhoods and people you know. Avoid neighborhoods with high traffic, railroad tracks, or main throughways. Teach kids to never go inside the home or vehicle of people they do not know and make a scene if anyone tries to grab them.


Candy Check + A Few Alternatives

Speaking of candy, the recommendation to sort through all candy before allowing your children to eat any of it still stands. Look for anything that has been altered or is not in its original packaging. Taking the time to look things over also gives you the chance to throw out any candy that could be a choking hazard, may contain ingredients your child is allergic/sensitive to or you want to save for yourself.  

Serving your trick-or-treaters a snack or small meal before heading out means they will be less tempted to eat unchecked candy. In the event of a candy shortage, consider handing out fake teeth, toothbrushes, pencils, and other fun trinkets. 


Gut Check

Teach your children to trust their gut instincts. If anything seems or feels off or uncomfortable, then abort. Even if there is no real danger lurking, there is nothing to lose by following those instincts and everything to gain. 

As a side note, kids also tend to have gut instincts on food sensitivities or things they know will upset their stomachs. Yet another reason to foster tuning in and listening to that inner voice! 


Search the Sex Offender Registry

If you haven’t already checked your neighborhood (or the neighborhoods where you’ll be taking your kids for trick-or-treating), then spend just a few minutes on the National Sex Offender Public Website for a quick scan. 


Chaperone + Cell Phone

It’s not recommended for children under the age of 12 to trick-or-treat alone but, even with teenagers, we feel it’s better safe than sorry. Having adult supervision at all times removes many, if not all, of the above concerns. If you choose to send them alone or with an older sibling, send at least one fully charged cell phone for emergency calls and turn on location tracking. 


We hope this helps put you at ease for what should be an enjoyable holiday. We’ll rest easier, too, knowing you’re Per Mar Protected. If you’re worried about vandalism and Halloween pranksters, there’s still time to get those cameras, motion detectors, and motion sensor lights installed! Speak with one of our sales specialists today.