Updating Your Home Security System When People Move Out

September 8, 2021

Life moves fast and changes are inevitable. Your home security system is designed to keep up with you and your busy life! If your partner moves out, you become an empty nester or there is any other type of change of occupancy, there are a few things to consider.

Your control panel is your hub so when you change the password and/or remove account profiles, you’re able to assign yourself as the only one who can control it (and anyone else you designate). Think about all security cameras, door locks, smart lighting, and other alarms the people no longer living with you (or taking care of your house/children/pets) may have had access to. Especially remote access!

Home Security System Checklist

  • Delete any extra profiles
  • Change all passwords
  • Update firmware
  • Update software 
  • If you’ve got anything set on a timer, consider changing things up
  • Remove (or deprioritize) names and numbers from your emergency contact list


When kids go off to college, they often become only part-time residents. Consider placing your grown children further down on the call list than someone more accessible and physically closer to home. If you have housekeepers, dog walkers, child care, and other regular visitors, don’t forget to call in any changes to that list as well.

Lastly, if you’ve sold your home and everyone is moving out – say to a bigger home or even downsizing – reach out to us to see what options you might have for a new system. We’ll take care of you, your family, and your home just as we would take care of our own!