Per Mar Security’s 60th Year in Business

October 31, 2013

A Message from Michael Duffy, President of Per Mar Security Services

As we begin our 60th year in business, I want to thank all of our employees, customers, and suppliers who have contributed to our success over the years. I have always had a tremendous feeling of gratitude to everyone who has helped us remain a thriving business and accomplish our goals over the years, and that will never change.

Many years ago, my parents, John and Eleanor Duffy, founded Per Mar to simply provide a living for themselves. As we matured, we have become an organization that is committed to providing quality jobs for our valued employees and support for the communities in which we have a presence.

Over the course of Per Mar’s history, there have been a number of events and people that have impacted our success. Most importantly, we have retained the core values that the company was founded on and they will continue to be our basic premise for doing business. We have a can-do attitude and provide consistent quality customer service. Our focus has been to create opportunities that employees seek, solutions that customers expect, and financial results that benefit all stakeholders.

I feel a tremendous responsibility to preserve our corporate history for employees, customers, families, friends, and neighbors. Our past is a tribute to our founders and a guide for future generations. As we enter the next decade, I am confident that we can remain an industry leader as an independent provider of security services. I would like to take this opportunity to quote my parents at the company’s 25th Anniversary celebration:

“To our loyal employees, valued customers, professional advisors and colleagues, we extend our sincere gratitude. It has been our privilege to have known each of you and to have worked with and for you.”

Today, we celebrate our loyal employees and customers! Please know how grateful I am to everyone for their loyalty, commitment and contributions to our success.

Thank you,
Michael L. Duffy, President