What to Do When Your Sump Pump Fails

April 5, 2019

Washing machine flooding home

Not only does spring bring fluctuating temps that put your smart thermostat to work but it can also bring a lot of water due to melting snow and April showers. These conditions are sure to test your sump pump’s abilities to keep your home dry.

Did you know that water damage makes up the largest percentage of home insurance claims? The national average is $2,555 but insurance claims can be as high as $10,000 for damage from a failed sump pump and $15,000 for a burst pipe. Check out our tips for what to do when your sump pump fails below.


Sump Pump Failure Causes & Solutions

  • Power Failure – Having a backup battery in the event of a power failure will ensure the continuous function of your sump pump.
  • Frozen or Clogged – If your sump pump doesn’t have a lid, it’s liable to get clogged. An airtight lid can be purchased to keep dust mites, dog hair, and other debris out.
  • Lack of Routine Maintenance and Inspections – Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your sump pump in tip-top shape.
  • End of Life – If your sump pump is getting old, consider replacing it with a new model.
  • Wrong Size – If you choose the wrong size, too large or too small, your sump pump can become overwhelmed and not function properly. Consult a pro for which size to purchase.
  • Improper Installation – If you have a lot in common with Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, then consider professional installation of your new sump pump!

PRO TIP: Two sump pumps are better than one so, if you are able, consider installing a backup unit. Even better if the backup can live on a different power circuit or backup battery.


Foolproofing the Failures

Taking the above measures still doesn’t guarantee flood prevention in your home, unfortunately, but you’re still not rendered powerless! Environmental monitoring technology (and manpower) is on your side. Much like a motion or window sensor detecting movement, environmental monitoring sensors detect excess water. They can also detect power failures, a powered but malfunctioning sump pump (e.g. not removing water fast enough) and a powered but not working sump pump. Once any of these events are detected, you are alerted via our smart home app and able to act fast saving potentially thousands in property damage and insurance claims.

PRO TIP: Monitoring environmental changes goes beyond sump pumps and can detect other water leaks (furnace, washing machine, fridge, freezer, burst pipes), carbon monoxide (CO) and temperature shifts.


Having the neighbor occasionally check your sump pump while you’re away isn’t quite as foolproof as 24/7 monitoring. Sump pumps are a wonderful technology and a great measure to take but, unfortunately, they can still fail. We hope to have provided some good tips to keep you and your sump pump going so that you can spend your time on more important things! Request a Free Security Review for more information on environmental monitoring for your home.