What to Look for in a Reputable Home Security Company

March 31, 2020

Per Mar yard signFinding the right home security company can be an overwhelming task. For those trying to wade through the many options for home security providers, let us help you break it down so that you can make a decision that is right for you and your family. Review the things you should look for in your trusted home security provider below!


Quality Products – Before signing up, ask your security provider about the latest products and software that would be used to protect your home. A great company and great people are not helpful if the products don’t work for your needs (or are not up to date).


PRO TIP: It’s a good idea to think ahead and ask about interchangeable systems so you can add/subtract as your family and needs grow.


Quality Customer Service – We don’t believe good customer service should be a thing of the past. Choose a security provider that will take care of you as they would their own family.


PRO TIP: You should always be able to reach a live representative when you call, whether it’s to pay your bill, respond to an emergency call or anything in between.


Customizable Security Plans vs. One Size Fits All – If you’re being sold a security system without an in-home consultation, then you’re likely getting a generic, one size fits all approach. Instead, consider working with a company that employs trained and knowledgeable professionals who can spot your home’s weak spots and devise a plan that works specifically for it.


PRO TIP: Take notice as to whether you’re working with a security consultant or a high-pressure salesperson!


Avoid Third-Party Contractors – Why work with unknown third-party contractors when reputable security providers send their own employees? Find out in advance who they’ll be sent to determine the best residential security solution for your specific needs (security consultants), install your home security system (professional technicians), and respond to service issues (professional technicians).


PRO TIP: Third-party contractors will often come in a vehicle without your vendor’s name on it and will not have a corresponding business card or attire.


A 24/7 Security Monitoring Center – A home alarm system without 24/7 monitoring is like having a boat without water. When an emergency strikes, you’ll be thankful for the people who are able to receive and respond to your emergency. And, just as you want actual employees coming to your home, be sure it’s actual employees responding to your emergency. A security company that has its own monitoring center demonstrates a commitment to getting the job done right and provides you with the consistency and reliability you need.


PRO TIP: Your calls, day or night, should be answered by a fully trained, live representative every time. Check for a UL listing and Five Diamond Certification.


A Power Failure Backup – Sometimes your home’s most vulnerable exposure maybe be during a power outage, so find out if your alarm company is able to continue functioning should the power go out.


PRO TIP: Emergencies are often spurred by poor weather conditions, so find a company that welcomes system testing during poor weather.


Testimonials/Reviews from Satisfied Customers – You spent days researching your new smart TV and read through countless reviews. Apply that same diligence and check out your home security company candidates on [Google, Yelp, etc.] to ensure they are who they say they are!


PRO TIP: Ask if you can speak to a few current customers to get the full story.


Longevity & Reliability – There are a lot of fly-by-nights out there! How long has your potential security provider been around? Who are they owned by? Where are they located? These are all great questions to ask when interviewing the company that will protect what is most valuable to you.


PRO TIP: Check to see if there have been any name changes or changes in ownership to determine validity and authenticity.


A Local Presence – Why does a local presence matter? A good security company will create close relationships with local police and fire departments to best protect you and your family. Plus, keeping your dollars local only helps your community thrive.


PRO TIP: Radio, TV, and billboard ads don’t count as a local presence unless there is an actual office with staff who live and participate in your community.


Philanthropy – If you like working with companies that give back, then you shouldn’t have to compromise with your security company, either.


PRO TIP: Seek out companies that give back within your local community.


A Strong Web Presence – Professional companies typically have informative websites and a social media presence designed to engage with their followers in an educational and conversational fashion. If they aren’t keeping up appearances online, then there’s a good chance they aren’t keeping up appearances in person either and you can probably end the interview before it’s even begun!


PRO TIP: Test them out by sending a Facebook message or an email. If they are responsive to that, they’re likely responsive in other areas, too. Great customer service extends beyond phone interactions!


We understand that protecting your family is your priority and that sometimes there is strength in numbers. If you want the protection that is just right for you and your family, give us a call and we’ll take the time to listen and respond to your needs. We’re not just here to sell you something, but to have your best interests in mind! Please contact us for more information anytime! We are here for you.