What Should a Reputable Business Security Company Provide?

March 16, 2020

Sometimes, what seems like a should-be easy decision actually has a lot more depth to it. For those trying to wade through the many options for business security providers, let us help you break it down so that you can make a decision once and for all. Take a look at the things you should look for in your trusted business security provider below!

Quality Products – A great company and great people are not helpful to you if the products don’t work. Before signing up, ask your security provider about the latest products and software that would be used to protect your business. It’s also a good idea to think ahead and ask about interchangeable systems so you can add/subtract as your needs grow.

Quality Customer Service – Good customer service is so underrated anymore but we still believe it to be important. When you choose Per Mar, you never have to deal with unknown businesses or multiple service providers; you always work with a Per Mar team member. Day or night, you will always reach a live, Per Mar representative when you call, whether it’s to pay your bill, respond to an emergency call, or anything in between.

Customizable Security Plans vs. One Size Fits All – Depending on your needs, you want to look for full-service security solutions including customized security systems, security officersinvestigationsbackground checks, and alarm monitoring. And take notice as to whether you’re working with a consultant vs. a high-pressure salesperson!

Fast and Skilled Service from Professional Employees – Rather than unknown third-party contractors, look for your chosen security provider to send their own employees to determine the best commercial security solution for your needs (security consultants), install your business security system (professional technicians), respond to service issues (professional technicians) and, lastly, respond to alarms and/or check on your property while you are away (mobile patrol security officers).

Our hand-picked security officers undergo extensive background screening, comprehensive classroom, and onsite training, and assessments to ensure you receive the best security available.

Professional Installation – Not only do you want a professional installing your monitored burglar alarm and/or fire detection system for obvious reasons (getting the job done right while considering potential exposure to the most sensitive vulnerable areas of your business), you may also receive up to a 20% savings on your business insurance premium. In order to qualify for insurance savings, however, your security system must be professionally installed and monitored. DIY or self-monitored systems will not qualify you for a discount on your insurance premiums.

A 24/7 Security Monitoring Center – Your business alarm system and security cameras should be monitored 24/7 and your calls, day or night, should be answered by a live representative. Every time. Check for a UL listing and Five Diamond Certification.

Learn more about Per Mar’s 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Center, one of the top Alarm Monitoring Centers in the country. Our alarm monitoring agents have received the highest level of certification in the industry, so they are always prepared to help you in the event of an emergency.

A Power Failure Backup – Find out if your alarm company is fully prepared in the event of a power outage. Emergencies are often spurred by poor weather conditions and sometimes your business’s most vulnerable exposure may be during a power outage.

Testimonials/Reviews from Satisfied Customers – Sure, anyone can make up customer testimonials and list them on their website but online reviews don’t lie.

Longevity & Reliability – How long has your potential security provider been around? There are a lot of fly-by-nights out there! Did you know that Per Mar has been around since 1953 and is the largest, family-owned, full-service security company in the Midwest? Our strong presence in your community allows us to do what we do best – provide reliable home and business security.

A Local Presence – It’s that same strong presence in your community, plus the close relationships with local police and fire departments that allow us to best protect you. And, if you like to support local businesses vs. national companies, then look for a security company that has people and offices in your area. An actual presence, not just a TV, radio, or billboard ad!

Philanthropy – If you like working with companies that give back, then you shouldn’t have to compromise with your security company, either. Bonus points if they give back within your local community.

A Strong Web Presence – Professional companies typically have informative websites and a social media presence designed to engage with their followers in an educational, conversational fashion. If they aren’t keeping up appearances online, then there’s a good chance they aren’t keeping up appearances in person either and you can probably end the interview before it’s even begun!

Protecting your business is no small feat, which is why we wanted to get down in the trenches with you as you consider your many options. If it’s not already obvious, we take our jobs – and your business’s safety – very seriously. Please call us or contact us for more information whenever the time is right for you!