Winterizing your Home Using Environmental Monitoring Services

December 1, 2022

Not all home intruders are of the human variety and our security systems don’t stop at the front door. The number of possible threats that exist inside the home is endless:

  • Your children can be exposed to dangerous fumes if your furnace is leaking.
  • House pets can be subject to extreme hot or cold if the furnace goes out.
  • Your floors and possessions can be water damaged if a sump pump fails or a pipe bursts.

Environmental monitoring is one more way in which Per Mar provides you peace of mind from intruders of the environmental variety and below are some ways in which it can be utilized in your home.

  • Utilize a smart thermostat, combined with our home security app to monitor and control interior temps 24/7
    • Think of this combo like a remote start for your car; if severe weather comes in while you’re at work but your elderly parent is home alone or the kids will soon be home from school, easily turn the temperature up from your smartphone or other web-enabled devices
  • Know if the furnace went out, your thermostat failed or a window, door, or garage door was left open with low and high temp monitoring, which is useful when the weather is severe and either everyone is asleep or nobody is home
  • Always know your CO (carbon monoxide) levels with monitored CO detectors
    • Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the U.S.
  • Instantly know if your home has any flooding due to busted or frozen pipes with our 24/7 environmental monitoring service
  • Other water leaks (furnace, washer, refrigerator, freezer, deep freezer) are also detected with our 24/7 environmental monitoring service


It’s clear that a failed thermostat, frozen pipes, a failed sump pump, a leaking fridge or furnace, and a broken HVAC system, can all be threats to your family and pets. To boot, home and property damage can occur in seconds, which means you don’t have to be away long for things to go awry at home. Let us keep a close watch on the people and valuables most important to you and always stay totally connected! Receive instant text or email alerts on your smart device for environmental changes that occur in your home or on your property with the Smart Home app. It’s a simple tool that allows you to check in on things and react before the damage is done.

With Per Mar’s environmental monitoring service, you can trust that we will alert you immediately if something goes wrong, no matter where you are! Call us this winter for more information.