Catch Trespassers in Real-Time or Scare Them Off

July 5, 2022

Live Video Monitoring works, don’t just take our word for it.


If your assets were stolen, how much damage would it cause you? How big of a disruption to your business would it be? Would you go down for a day or two….more?

The latest in technology says you don’t have to be a victim of theft crimes anymore. Using Live Video Monitoring cameras, you can prevent theft from happening or, better yet, catch your criminal in the act. 

Our dedicated Intelligent Video Monitoring (IVM) team has designed an exclusive security system that allows our 24/7 Monitoring Center staff to know exactly when an intruder has arrived on your property and where they are located on the property.

You can either choose to play an audio recording to scare them off or we can call the authorities without the trespassers knowledge so that they can be caught in the act. This will send a clear message to future trespassers to stay away. 


Case Study 1

One of our clients, The Greater Rockford Auto Auction, has a 40-acre property running 800+ vehicles weekly. Cars were being hot-wired and driven right off the lot. They had added concrete barriers around the perimeter a few years ago and no cars had been stolen since but the General Manager still wanted to know when someone was on his property. To make sure the property was fully protected he hired Per Mar to install IVM around the perimeter of the property. One night after the system was installed, IVM detected multiple trespassers looking through vehicles.

When one of our Monitoring Center agents detected a man looking through vehicles, she was able to get the authorities dispatched quickly to the scene. When dispatching authorities our agent was able to give the exact location of the intruder before they could escape and an arrest was made.  Click here to see the video of this arrest. 

“IVM has been a game-changer for our business. I sleep well at night knowing that our property and my customers’ assets are secure. Per Mar’s system and service are top-notch!” – Chad, General Manager, Auto Auction.

Case Study 2

A local heavy construction company had trucks, trailers, and tools stolen from their worksite. Then, the vandals set fire to a vehicle worth $100K. The construction company made the decision to install Live Video Monitoring and watched crime head elsewhere with zero issues since their installation date.

Don’t wait to become a victim. It’s too costly! This affordable system solves the problem seamlessly. Even if you’re looking at a one-camera option to protect a single asset such as a gas tank or generator, it’s worth it.

This Live Video Monitoring also pairs well with security guards if you like to take a dual approach. It truly sees everything 24/7. Contact us today to discuss your options.