Commercial Security Camera Systems

Secure your company, products, customers, and staff with a full HD security camera system that gives you the power to keep an eye on your business 24/7.

Commercial video surveillance solutions from Per Mar Security

We provide professionally installed commercial security camera systems designed to meet the needs of your business. We can install security cameras for companies in all industries, from retail stores to office buildings, and school campuses. With full 1080p HD cameras that also record audio, and dozens of customizable options, a security camera system from Per Mar is the best way to protect your business!

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Get a security camera system that scales to meet your needs.

No two businesses are the same—and we know that. That’s why our video surveillance solutions are designed around your needs. There are no limits to the number of cameras that we can install. If you need just one camera, we can do that. We can also install the dozens of cameras that it takes to properly secure a large commercial property, such as a warehouse or construction site. We work with you to learn your exact needs and never compromise when it comes to securing your company.

Live alarm monitoring can take your security to the next level.

Our live alarm monitoring services can be integrated with your security cameras, burglar alarm system, and fire alarm system to give you the ultimate security 24/7. When an alarm triggers at your business, agents at our monitoring center get to work. A Per Mar agent will immediately call the designated contact person to notify them of the alarm. They can also view live security camera footage at your business to assess the situation. If there is an emergency, agents will relay the video-verified information to emergency services who will then have more context as to the nature of the emergency prior to their arrival. Verified video alarms receive priority response from our enforcement partners and help stop intruders.

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View and save security camera footage from a phone or computer.

Accessing security camera footage is easy. Simply download our smartphone app or login to our online platform. From there, you can view live footage, save videos, and share files. The system is user-friendly and can be managed entirely in house. If you need a helping hand, the Per Mar team is always happy to train staff in how to use the system.

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Save video files locally or to the cloud.

Video files can be stored locally on a hard drive or via a secure cloud-based storage system. We can help you determine the best file storage method for your company and ensure that you have adequate space for your needs. You can then easily share saved security footage with the police, your insurer, or whomever you want.

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Protect your security cameras with our health monitoring services.

Health monitoring enables us to proactively identify issues or errors with a security camera system. For example, if an individual tries to tamper with a camera, an alert is sent to our monitoring team. An alert will be sent if the cameras experience technical problems. You will also be notified if a camera goes down. And you can always check the status of your system at any time through our mobile app. Our health monitoring services keep your security camera system functioning and your equipment secure.

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Improve the security of your business with a security camera system.

A commercial surveillance system is one of the best ways to improve the security of your business. We can design and install a security camera system that meets your needs. Per Mar works with companies of all sizes and in all industries, so whether you own a retail store or manage a large manufacturing facility, we can install a system that meets your needs. With easy-to-use features and the support of our expert team, a security camera system from Per Mar can greatly increase the security of your business!

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