Commercial Security Systems & Access Control in Madison WI

Per Mar Security is a leader in providing affordable, full-service security solutions to homes and businesses in Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding region.

If you’ve ever been to – or heard of – Dane County, you know it as a safe place. It’s home to UW-Madison, a renowned farmer’s market and, of course, the state capitol. With a lower-than-average crime rate, Madison, WI attracts musicians, artists, politicians, theatrics, boaters, foodies and more.  Per Mar loves being a part of the Madison, WI community, and providing high-quality security solutions to local businesses and homeowners. Securing your business not only provides theft and fire protection but peace of mind when you can’t be there. Though Per Mar is most known for our commercial security systems, access control and security guards, our security measures are far reaching.


Commercial Security Systems in Madison, WI

Thanks to the community trusting us for over 70 years, Per Mar is the leader for commercial security systems in Madison. Per Mar has the Madison area protected with the latest technology to best protect our residential and commercial customers with everything from video surveillance systems to intelligent video monitoring (IVM) and security guards to access control systems. College campuses and other businesses often integrate intelligent video monitoring with security officers for more affordability over large coverage areas while access controlthe perfect way to easily manage your inflow and outflow – with video verification has become standard practice for most.

For high-definition video resolution that can record crystal-clear audio, commercial security camera systems can be a real game-changer. Per Mar’s team of security experts are able to customize our commercial cameras in a number of ways to meet the needs of your unique business.

Since most business related theft incidents are traced back to employees, the team at Per Mar offers thorough background checks and drug screening to help with the hiring and onboarding process. You also have access to professional corporate investigation services should something go awry.

Our commercial fire alarms and alarm inspections ensure your buildings – and the people in them – are always protected.


Access Control in Madison, WI – Secure Your Business, Monitor Movement and Record Activity

Access control provides protection for your Madison-based business,  easily limiting access to different areas of your building(s) at set times of day or night. Issue credentials to designated employees and visitors from the access control dashboard. Every action is logged in the central dashboard and can be viewed at any time so accessing records for secure areas and entry and exit logs is a breeze.

Secure access system options include key card, card reader, key fob, electronic key, pin code and Bluetooth. With Per Mar’s access control, Madison, WI business owners have peace of mind knowing that your business is secured 24/7 with the best security solution for your unique needs. And, we can easily integrate it with your existing alarm system.


Overview of Commercial Security Systems in Madison, WI

As a Midwest-based, family owned and operated company since 1953, Per Mar Security Services is equipped to work at your comfort level. Our professional sales team will see to it that you get the proper security services to fit your needs while our highly trained technicians will design and install your commercial security solutions.


Residential Security Systems in Madison, WI

Protecting your Madison home could mean a combination of residential security systems. Video doorbells are increasingly popular with remote work on the rise. Smart home automation is great for those who are away from home often and want to make thermostat, lighting or garage door adjustments remotely. For those largely spending time away from home, environmental monitoring can prevent home damage due to burst pipes or other water leaks while protecting your pets from extreme hot or cold temps if the HVAC system goes out.

Don’t forget the basic alarm systems: burglar alarm, fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. In addition to keeping your home safe, we also keep your family safe with medical alert devices. Contact the team at Per Mar to learn more!

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