Live Video Monitoring Reference Guide

October 19, 2023

Live Video Monitoring is still a fairly new technology so we’ve created a reference guide for those wanting to better understand it. Also known as intelligent video monitoring, this technology powerhouse has forever changed the landscape of business security. Bookmark this blog and refer to it as often as needed. 

What Live Video Monitoring Is (and Is Not)

Not to be confused with CCTV or surveillance cameras, live video monitoring uses high-tech security cameras powered by AI technology to detect a verified AI event in real-time while being monitored 24/7 by highly trained, certified humans. This powerful combination allows one or both of the following actions to happen: 

  1. A monitoring center agent verifies the threat and dispatches the appropriate authorities immediately, allowing for the possibility of catching the crime in the act. 
  2. An automated response alerts the criminal(s) that they have been spotted and authorities have been notified in order to deter them. 

Live video monitoring is unique in that it allows for both crime-deterring and criminal-catching when seconds and minutes count. It’s perfect for a variety of commercial settings (see below). 

Features & Benefits: Detect Real Threats in Real-Time

Improved Security

  • Immediate deterrence with audio
    • Give automated or live verbal warnings (referred to as “talk down” and permissible only by our monitoring center agents) to trespassers before any damage has been done
  • 24/7 UL-Listed, Five-Diamond certified, FM-approved monitoring center
    • 100% in-house (no outsourcing)
    • Highly trained, certified personnel with ongoing education
  • Increase response times by working with local authorities
  • Reliable thermal detection in all conditions (optional feature)
  • Advanced video analytics provide information such as people counting, heat maps, and traffic stats
  • Operators “learn” sites over time, increasing reliability and response times 

AI-Powered, High-Def Cameras 

  • Proactive crime deterrence
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Live monitoring 

These high-definition cameras are true game changers from image clarity to advanced counting functions. Never before have we had the ability to focus on an object in motion with an ultra-sensitive fish eye lens or determine what is a true threat vs. an inanimate object or pest.

Indoor & Outdoor Live Monitoring

Per Mar offers security cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor placements. Our technicians expertly position these cameras to ensure optimal coverage. We are equipped to monitor both IP and thermal IP cameras. The system’s adaptability is evident, with each recorder supporting up to 128 cameras. And if you possess adequate bandwidth, there’s potential to connect even more than 128 cameras. 

Virtual Fence with No Blind Spots

  • Some areas are too large to fence in. Live video monitoring triggers an alarm whenever the virtual fence is crossed. 
  • Per Mar’s expert installation team will familiarize ourselves with your business to place security cameras in optimal locations, eliminating potential blind spots. We can also guide you in selecting the most suitable camera equipment, like the 360° fisheye lens cameras, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive security coverage.

Increased Efficiency

  • Reduce IT workload with no port forwarding or opening inbound ports
  • Move through events faster with the ability to key in on human and vehicle activity
  • Manage all of your systems from one central app from anywhere
  • Health monitoring of all connected devices for maximum uptime 

Web Platform or App

  • Cloud storage
  • Add/delete users
  • Download and review the footage
  • Verify alarm events from any web-enabled device

Watch Live Video Monitoring in Action on our YouTube channel. 

Use of Existing Equipment is Possible

You may be able to utilize our video monitoring service with your existing IP cameras. Our sales rep in your local area will assess compatibility with our live video monitoring feature. However, please note that we cannot integrate our services with pre-existing video management systems, NVRs, or recorders.

Remote Guarding with Security Officers

Combining the power of security guards with live video monitoring means having highly trained professionals onsite to intervene if necessary. It’s an economical way to safeguard your property. With AI-equipped cameras, we can remotely oversee your premises, detect potential threats automatically, and prevent crime. Our 24/7 monitoring agents can simultaneously watch over various cameras and sites, confirm incidents, and alert the authorities. When combined with on-site security personnel, our system ensures enhanced visibility of crucial zones on your property, allowing for swifter responses. 

Check out our videos displaying this potent combination on a college campus

Ideal Business Scenarios & Verticals

Applications for intelligent video monitoring include a growing list of businesses. Think commercial areas too large for physical fencing, areas with high incidents of vandalism and theft, high-value inventory, and those with equipment left outdoors (even gas tanks and generators).

Also Known As

Live video monitoring has a few aliases to be aware of:

  • Camera Monitoring Services
  • Real-Time Video Monitoring
  • Remote Guarding 
  • Video Surveillance Monitoring Service
  • Video Monitoring System
  • Video Monitoring Service
  • Security Camera Monitoring Service
  • Intelligent Video Monitoring

The Future of Live Video Monitoring

Looking ahead, the live video monitoring sector is poised to embrace more AI-driven tools, with a notable shift towards broader integration of robotics and drones. Even though the mass adoption of robots and drones faces challenges, such as stringent regulations and limited battery life, their ability to enhance safety for on-site personnel and minimize blind spots indicates that, when paired with live video monitoring, these technologies are likely to gain more traction in the future.

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