Live Video Monitoring Solution Deters Criminals & Leads to Arrests

November 30, 2022

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Per Mar Security Services announced the launch of its latest commercial security solution, Intelligent Video Monitoring. Per Mar designed an exclusive Intelligent Video Monitoring solution utilizing smart thermal cameras and video analytics to detect intruders as soon as they arrive on property, automatically activating an audio deterrent, and alerting Per Mar monitoring agents to dispatch authorities. Per Mar monitoring agents are able to watch live video, and direct security officers as well as first responders to intruders’ locations on clients’ sites.

The live video monitoring solution has been rolled out to existing clients and select new clients with great success in preventing and deterring crime as well as aiding law enforcement in on-site arrests. One of Per Mar’s clients, a general manager of an auto auction, said, “Intelligent Video Monitoring has been a game-changer for our business. I sleep well at night knowing that our property and my customers’ assets are secure. Per Mar’s system and service are top-notch!”

“Video recording has long been a component part of security solutions. However, it has now become the primary and most effective tool available for preventing crime and loss of value for homes and businesses alike when used in a live monitoring and response environment. We have been thrilled with the effectiveness of our Intelligent Video Monitoring service thus far and we are excited to fully launch in all areas of our footprint,” said Chris Edwards, president of electronic security for Per Mar. Intelligent Video Monitoring is a great fit for manufacturing companies, large retail stores, recreation areas, construction sites, zoos, storage unit facilities, auto auction yards, and any business that needs to keep intruders and trespassers off their property.

Click to view videos of Intelligent Video Monitoring in action. To learn more request a demo of Intelligent Video Monitoring.